• Introducing Ghostplay, a professional chess training exercise

  • Calculate in complex positions, with a configurable timer

  • Solve tactics of all levels

  • Learn and practice to give checkmate with bishop and knight

  • Learn and practice to give checkmate with 2 bishops

  • Be challenged by various difficulty levels in a match vs AI

  • Study openings and see them in action

  • Analyze positions, where you can input desired FEN to analyze it

  • Capture a FEN in any game or in other modes

  • Online (vs a known party) multiplayer matches

  • Local (same pc) multiplayer matches

  • Load a PGN file to review your match

  • Quick review available when you load your match

  • Customize the pieces shape and material, the floor, the board, the clock, and even the clock screen

  • 30 principles: 10 for openings, 10 for the middle game and 10 for the endings

  • Customize even the zoom and tilt of the view!


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